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Make your apartment or house search a full success! If you are in need of finding an apartment house or flat for rent in Frankfurt Germany or its surrounding areas you will find a good selection of high quality houses, flats, apartments both furnished and unfurnished. AllGrund is your first address to go to in order to receive full english speaking service, advice and relocation consulting. We make house search in Germany a pleasure for you! You find a good collection of offers and can compare prices and areas, also by going to the "currently rented" site (see below).
Please check with us which offers are currently available as these change from week to week. Any apartments offered here might be rented out at any given time.
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Rental offers by AllGrund at Frankfurtrentals.de

Rent can be with or without utilities from case to case, check on the individual site for each offer by clicking on the picture link. NOTE: MINIMUM RENTAL PERIOD MUST BE SIX MONTHS; PLS DO NOT SEND INQUIRIES FOR TRADE FAIRS AND SHORT TERMS STAY. SUCH INQUIRIES WILL NOT BE REPLIED TO.


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Order the offers by (Price; latest offers first; listing number; furnished; unfurnished; partly furnished;
if cold and warm rent are identical then it is an inclusive utilities rent):

Note: All data are WITHOUT WARRANTY for correctness with respect to residential or land sizes, facilities, utilities, consumption, energy efficiency, final conditions in the lease, but are just as they were given to us by the owner or tenant. If such information seem implausible obviously, we check them too, but can not offer a warranty for it.

Oberursel: Sunny 1-bedroom flat with south-facing balcony
1 October 2015
665 warm;

Sachsenhausen: Studio furnished
1st Sep 2015
700 warm;

Nordend: Modern stylish studio with balcony
1st Nov 2015
820 warm;

Oberursel: For singles or couples: Bright 1-bedroom apartment with terrace and garden
1 October 2015
830 warm;

Oberursel: Bright, young attic flat, 1 bedroom
1st Oct 2015
980 warm;

Frankfurt-Oberrad: Furnished 1-bedroom flat near Main shore
1 August 2015
1000 warm;

Frankfurt-Bockenheim: Furnished flat with 1 bedroom
1 September 2015
1100 warm;

Frankfurt: Office space in Souterrain 112sqm to rent
available now
1150 warm;

Frankfurt-Nordend: 1 Bedroom apartment nicely furnished
available immediately
1250 warm;

Frankfurt-Seckbach: Elegant 1-bedroom flat in good location
1 October 2015
1330 warm;

Sachsenhausen Roof top Terrace: Furnished apartment with 1 BR
1 November 2015
1400 warm;

Frankfurt-Nordend: Just renovated! 2-bedroom apartment in the middle of life
available immediately
1400 warm;

Frankfurt-Westend: Bright 2-bedroom flat on the top floor
1 September 2015
1525 warm;

Frankfurt-Sachsenhausen: 3-Bedroom flat on the Muehlberg
available immediately
1575 warm;

Frankfurt-Sachsenhausen: Furnished historical flat on the ground floor near the Museumsufer and Schweizer Platz
1 November 2015
1800 warm;

Commercial space Ffm-Westend: Office spaces in good location
available immediately
1980 warm;

Ffm-Riedberg: Row house in beautiful residential area
1st August or 15th August
2000 warm;

F-Bornheim: Furnished 2 BR flat in best location
1 October 2015
2000 warm;

Frankfurt-Bockenheim: Stylish 3-bedroom flat in historic building
available immediately
2038 warm;

Frankfurt-Praunheim: Child-friendly family home with large garden
available immediately
2085 warm;

Frankfurt-Nordend: Furnished 2 BR in old style buidling
1 October 2015
2150 warm;

Bad Soden: Detached house with garden
available immediately
2200 warm;

Furnished 2 BR apartment in Westend
16 August 2015
2350 warm;

Frankfurt-Sachsenhausen: 2-bedroom apartment on Muehlberg
1 October 2015
2580 warm;

Frankfurt-City: Furnished Maisonette with 2 bedrooms
available immediately.
2750 warm;

Frankfurt-Sachsenhausen: 2-bedroom apartment on Schweizer Strasse
1 October 2015
2770 warm;


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Important for rentals in Germany:


Usually the tenant has to place a deposit (security) which can be up to three months rent, in advance. This deposit is kept by the landlord as a security for rent and furniture and in the end if all is fine is returned to the tenant, normally with the legal interest. Instead of a cash security deposit the tenant can very often also bring a bank guarantee (from a german bank) for the deposit, or a bankbook in the name of the landlord.

Important note: Never ever send money to someone who asks for a deposit before sending you the keys without having seen the apartment and met the agent. There is a fraud undergoing whereby people offering apartments - cheaply - and say they send the keys if you send the deposit. Just do not do that unless you have verified that its a serious agency. And by the way, a proper handover of keys is not done by mail - it is done on location, at the apartment, including doing the inventory and proper checkout of apartment. When in doubt, check Google for the name of the agency and if they have a permission called 34c. That is the one and only prerequisite that qualifies an Immobilien agent as legal in Germany.

The rent in germany consists of the net rent, called "Kaltmiete", plus the utilities, which together make what is called the "Warmmiete". This does sometimes include heating, sometimes also electricity. Normally electricity is not included but to be paid extra by the tenant. If heating is provided by gas separately for the flat rented then the gas usually has to be paid by the tenant directly to the gas providing company.
TV fees are GEZ (that is the public TV licence to be paid by everyone having a TV and/or radio) plus your cable providers fees which are not the same for everyone. This you have to work out with your landlord and agent. Sometimes they are included in the utilities.
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